Did I lose, or you won?

Did I lose, or you won?

Did I lose, or you won,

In the fights that we begun,

Petty fights and the lingering pain,

Our little egos comfortably slain,

It was about the toothpaste,

Or, who flattens the tube which way,

Continuing the tiff, come what may…

It was ’bout the ones you care,

And I’d want you the way I were,

A gypsy, a nomad, belonging nowhere…

Remember you said:

That I drew with my kiss,

Your soul through my lips…

And I said:

Was it the honey, or the dew unsold,

That you presented on those fleshy fold…

When we embraced and met our tongues,

Your sparkling eyes humming a million songs…

All that, like the tales of yore

We’re apart and I search my soul,

Where you were wronged and I cried foul…

The toothpaste tubes, still remain

As my words, to me, sound inane

On the shelf, untouched and bare

Waiting for you, for your care…

Did I lose, or you won?

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