Planning called Cricket

Cricket, despite being a non-contact sport, is also about fear. The fear of losing not counted as the main reason behind this. One of the best sights in cricket is watching a fast bowler steaming in and hurling a ball as fast as he can, uprooting the stumps and letting the bails fly all over. … Read morePlanning called Cricket

Where is Binod Das?

The National One Day cricket championship ends just as the New Year begins. For all the criticism Cricket Association of Nepal has faced for not organizing the nationals during the customary season of summer, the timing of the nationals has been perfect this time around. There is something about winter and cricket that makes sense. … Read moreWhere is Binod Das?

Transforming Team Nepal

Team Nepal has climbed to the ICC World Cricket League Division 3, after roaring performance at the Division 4 in Malaysia. Much has been said about the players who were a part of it and Nepal government has duly recognized their contribution, announcing an award of Rs. 300,000 for each member of the squad. With … Read moreTransforming Team Nepal

Is Time Running Out?

Recently, former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh was presented with Team Nepal Jersey, in London. Apparently, Waugh was pleased to receive the jersey and keen to learn about cricket development in Nepal. The team Nepal jersey was presented by a group of Nepalis, including Gagan Thapa. Yes, you guessed it right: Gagan Thapa, the politician. … Read moreIs Time Running Out?

And the award goes to… the crowd!

Nepal finished as the second best team in ACC T20 Cup, amid a gripping fever that saw almost everyone on Nepali cyberspace (social media and alike) talking about the game. The runners-up medal came for Nepal, despite some outstanding and memorable performances during the tournament. There were several moments for Nepali cricket fans to savour, … Read moreAnd the award goes to… the crowd!

Where is it heading, Mr. Skipper?

The start of ACC T20 Cup could not have been on a more appropriate day than Holi, the festival of colours. There is something about colours and T20 format of cricket that blends so well. For, this version is about freedom, audacity, and gay abandon that other version rarely provide. However, one colour was missing … Read moreWhere is it heading, Mr. Skipper?