Football: Bring back focus on Infrastructure

Nepali football fans should be a happy lot this week. Primarily for the reason that their team would be playing in front of them, in AFC Challenge Cup, against Bangladesh, Palestine and Northern Mariana Island, in the floodlit Dashrath stadium. It’s a pleasure to watch your team in action against other teams. It is an … Read moreFootball: Bring back focus on Infrastructure

Letter to Upendraman Singh

Dear Upendra, I am sure you are in a repent mode now, as your latest press statement, as the President of Madhyapur Youth Association has hinted. Yet, you must remember that you gave us a moment we can perhaps never forget as football fans – for all the wrong reasons. I am sure football fans … Read moreLetter to Upendraman Singh

Why Madhyapur makes me sad?

Madhyapur Youth Association is in the relegation zone, in the Sahid Smarak A Division League. And in all probability – unless something miraculous happens – this team will see themselves playing B Division football very soon. Despite my belief that competition in any sport, at any level, should be top notch, I would be sad … Read moreWhy Madhyapur makes me sad?

Nepali Football: Responsible Clubs?

An interesting bit of statistic to start with. The top team of this year’s Sahid Smarak A Division League will be richer by 7.5 million rupees. That is a whopping increase of cash from last season, where the amount was 2 million rupees for Sahid Smarak champions (4.5 million if you add the title winners … Read moreNepali Football: Responsible Clubs?

An Experiment Called Football

 Nepali football fans have a moment of excitement as the Martyrs Memorial A division league has started in the capital. But just as the excitement builds up with 16 teams playing each other over a period of 3-4 months, some teams and their fans may not be such a happy lot. When Mitra Milan Club … Read moreAn Experiment Called Football

‘Kidnapping’ the Game!

It’s not been long since FIFA President Joseph Blatter termed Nepali footballers being ‘as good as Barcelona’ players. You could debate, whether FIFA President had seen enough of Nepali football to be in a position to comment, or was in a hyperbole mode, or was just trying to please the hosts of AFC Challenge Cup … Read more‘Kidnapping’ the Game!

Hail Blatter (and ANFA)!

Sometime in the evening of International Women’s Day 2012, FIFA President, Joseph S Blatter wrote a message on internet microblogging site, Twitter, “Just opened AFC Challenge Cup match between Nepal and Palestine. Historic encounter, shows the power of football.” Truly, it was a historic moment. For Nepal was hosting FIFA President first time in about … Read moreHail Blatter (and ANFA)!

A sign of Good Times to come?

Heard a conversation in a public vehicle: God must be Nepali. For he made sure we dowell in two sports in a single day. Needless to say, the person inquestion was talking about Nepali football team’s performance against Jordan (2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers) and U-19 cricket team’s start in ICC U-19 WorldCup qualifiers. Yes,Nepali Colts beat … Read moreA sign of Good Times to come?

Recent Coloumn on TKP

Of Diminishing returns and Hopes – Somesh Verma The past week was notable one for Nepali sports, where the two most popular team games in the country kept its viewers glued to news. Our national cricket team, for all we might have written, showed us how inadequate we are, assessing our opponents. At the risk … Read moreRecent Coloumn on TKP

Have a start, got to score…

End of the year is always a time for stock taking. What weachieved in the year; Where we failed; How much could have been done and Howmuch is left. But it’s also a time to think, what we could do more. As ayear ends, another one begins. That’s the beauty of time. That’s the beauty … Read moreHave a start, got to score…