गायत्री मंत्र

कुछ अजीब सा वाकया हुआ । ठमेल जाना कभी भी बहुत पसंद नही आया मुझको । हालांकि मेरे ज्यादातर दोस्त इस बात से इत्तफाक ना रखें, क्यूंकि अमूमन मेरे दोस्त मुझे अक्सर यहीं मिला करते हैं । फिर भी ये कहना जरुरी समझता हूँ, ये जगह मुझे कुछ खास आकर्षित नहीं करती, खासकर पिछले कुछ … Read moreगायत्री मंत्र

Messi and Ronaldo on a microbus

What’re the odds of you getting into a public transport and finding someone wearing exactly the same clothes that you are? That too in a microbus of Kathmandu? Not much! However, the chances increase during the World Cup. And so it happened. Yours truly got in a microbus – a public transport vehicle that is … Read moreMessi and Ronaldo on a microbus

The Faceless Hero: Nepal’s only Olympic Gold Medalist

Almost immediately following the grand conclusion of the London Olympics on August 12, formal preparations for the Rio Olympiad 2016 began. And in countries around the world, athletes have returned and will soon begin to take stock of their respective performances–the highlights, the low points. Unfortunately for Nepalis, like most Olympiads before this, we don’t have much to boast about this time, in terms of performance or medals.

Official records show Nepal’s Olympic medal count to be, so far, at zero, with only an honorable mention for Bidhan Lama, who won bronze in Taekwondo, when it had been included as a demonstration sport in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

Few, however, know that a Nepali has won a gold medal at the Olympics. The feat had taken place way back in 1924, when the first ever Winter Games was organised in Chamonix, France. The man was Tejbir Bura, a Nepali national from the Gurkha regiment, who had received a gold medal in Alpinism. Bura and his accomplishments have, sadly, remained unknown, a fault that can be attributed to poor recordkeeping among other factors.

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God in the Parliament

When Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’, little did he know that one day, ‘God’ himself will be a part of the government. Of course, I am not talking about Church being powerful in entire Europe at some point of time, or Nepali monarchy’s fascination of being labeled as incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

It’s about the ‘God’ of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. And him being nominated to the upper house of Indian parliament, Rajya Sabha…

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The ‘Gentle’ Wall

If you are a cricket fan – which yours truly is, unashamedly – reading ESPN cricinfo becomes a daily routine. But yours truly did not open it for an entire day, Friday (9th of March, 2012). The reason, I did not want to read that Rahul Dravid had retired, despite knowing it beforehand that he was scheduled to do that.

Life is such; sometimes we act as if we were an ostrich, the bird which hides its own head in the sand and thinks that it is safe, just because it cannot see danger coming. We pretend that not seeing things means nothing has happened (have you noticed people looking on the other side intentionally while crossing the road, just when you reach them while driving?).

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Hail Blatter (and ANFA)!

Sometime in the evening of International Women’s Day 2012, FIFA President, Joseph S Blatter wrote a message on internet microblogging site, Twitter, “Just opened AFC Challenge Cup match between Nepal and Palestine. Historic encounter, shows the power of football.”

Truly, it was a historic moment. For Nepal was hosting FIFA President first time in about 3 decades, and the highest level of tournament it has played so far.

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Diamonds are Forever!

Sports writers often discuss over how to measure greatness of players. One way, some suggest, is the number of records they set. Some say, it is the longevity, while some stress on the sheer dominance they exert while on the field.

Fulfilling one of these may make you extraordinary. But, what remains elusive is that one method, one yardstick to measure greatness, or genius in sport. However, there are some players scattered in the history of sports that ranked up equally well, in all these criteria.

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A sign of Good Times to come?

Heard a conversation in a public vehicle: God must be Nepali. For he made sure we dowell in two sports in a single day.
Needless to say, the person inquestion was talking about Nepali football team’s performance against Jordan (2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers) and U-19 cricket team’s start in ICC U-19 WorldCup qualifiers.
Yes,Nepali Colts beat Afghanistan convincingly. Most were expecting the result, maybe not with such a margin though.
But in another case, Jordan advanced to the group stage of the qualifiers, beatingNepal by a huge margin. The scores, in aggregate, stood at 10-1 in favor ofJordan, while Nepal managed merely a draw at home. So what’s the fuss about? A draw?

The Politics of Sport

Not long ago, our Finance Minister dropped a bombshell on sports fraternity. Of course, like any other politician, he wasn’t thinking sports while talking. Rather, like any other politician, his reasons were political.

The Finance Minister said that Nepal may not be participating in the 16th Asiad, in Guangzhou, China, this November. He said, if the government cannot bring in budget before the festivals, it will not have any money to spend for the participation. His logic, albeit founded on political premises, sounds very simple. His explanation was, ‘what is the point of nation’s pride when there are dangers nation may not remain so’.

Bravo, Mister Minister!  Bull’s eye!