Ricky Ponting: Second Best? Maybe Not

 Ricky Ponting has retired from international cricket.

And though we knew it was coming, we took a sigh when he announced it, in an uncharacteristically emotional yet pragmatic press conference. The sigh – perhaps of relief that we did not need to see the great man struggling against lesser bowlers – was also because we knew we would now see him only in record books, YouTube videos and numerous articles written on him. And that shall always talk of the glory days of Australian team under him.

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In Search of a Fast Bowler

Cricket is a game of multiple facets. Despite being a team game, it is also played at a personal level. It gives you an opportunity to witness one-on-one duels, where we – as viewers – try to live our fantasy as bat meets the ball. It’s about batsmen vs bowlers.

There is no sight more entertaining in cricket than a fast bowler in action. Hustling in, panting, trying to hit the deck hard, and trying to land the ball on seam, in seemingly ‘perfect’ place to beat the batsman; or trying to take an edge off the bat; or trying to rattle the stumps; or hit a batsman in a place where he can’t negotiate the ball.

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Tell me Superman Doesn’t Exist

Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. The stripping-off of the title, by the International Cycling Union followed, as it accepted the findings of the US Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation into systematic doping, allegedly carried out by Armstrong and his team, during his cycling years.

You could have told me, when I was younger, that Superman did not exist at all, or even that earth was flat and I would have taken it with a pinch of salt, accepting it nevertheless. But the sports fan in yours truly gets hurt – extremely so – if you tell him that all of Lance Armstrong’s success on the most gruelling of cycling surfaces were a result of deceitful, organized, and preposterous ‘cheating’ program ever seen in sports history.

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The Road to World Cup

Nepal embarks on another campaign at Asian level Cricket, to play in the ACC Trophy Elite. As the players leave the country, their heads will be held high, having received previously unheard sum – for the cricketers – from the government of Nepal.

The reward is a result of Nepal’s entry into the ICC World Cricket League Division 3. And what an achievement it has been. As expected, it’s been celebrated well, by public, by various (political) organizations – trying to cash in on the increased popularity of cricket. But yours truly gets a feeling that we might have had one celebration too many. Nothing wrong with the celebration, as long as it doesn’t become an impediment for the future plans.

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Diary of the Disappointed!

Kathmandu streets look tired these days. Tired of battering, as the houses have been, or being taken down, in the road expansion drive. Roadside pavements muddied, while some unsuspecting walkers stumble upon the chunks of concrete that has fallen down from the felled buildings.

Tired look the people too, as they try to find their way through little walking space they get, as the pavements are almost covered by the houses that are being brought down. Tired of mundane lives; tired of being yelled at by microbus drivers and conductors; tired of being treated like nobodies; tired of being taken for granted; tired of existence; tired under the weight of their own unfulfilled expectations; and, tired of politics going nowhere.

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