The Home Jinx or Bad preparation?

Nepal has failed to move beyond the first round of AFC Challenge Cup. To be fair to the players in the present team, it should be added that the team hasn’t moved beyond first round, whenever it has played on the home soil.

Is it jinx? Or is it the effect of double edged sword called home crowd? Maybe, neither… Maybe it is the preparation the team has had, both times. Maybe it is lack of realization on our part that world football is dynamic and we are stagnant. Maybe it is a time we realize we haven’t won any international title in past two decades.

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Football: Bring back focus on Infrastructure

Nepali football fans should be a happy lot this week. Primarily for the reason that their team would be playing in front of them, in AFC Challenge Cup, against Bangladesh, Palestine and Northern Mariana Island, in the floodlit Dashrath stadium.

It’s a pleasure to watch your team in action against other teams. It is an added pleasure it is to know that you don’t have to bear the notorious stench emanating from the restrooms that Dashrath stadium has now become famous for, during the league matches.

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