Rajesh Khanna: Romancing forever

मौत तू एक कविता है

मुझसे एक कविता का वादा है, मिलेगी मुझको

It’s amazing that the lines were uttered on the silver screen by Bollywood’s biggest star ever, in front of the one who held the reins then.

Yes we are talking of Amitabh Bachchan saying those, rather coyly, in front of smiling Rajesh Khanna, who looked rather confident. Little did we know then that the champion was in front of the contender. The contender, who’d later go on to become a champion.

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We Will Wait !

“Don’t whisper a word. The whole worldwill be able to hear you. Wankhede is stunned into silence. Rampaul spoils theparty, Sammy holds the catch at second slip.”
Perhaps obituaries would soundcomparatively pleasant to some cricket fans. The lines appeared on ESPNCricinfoweb portal, as Sachin Tendulkar departed without scoring what could have been his100th international century – just one-hit-over-the-boundary shortof it. As many firsts that the man has pocketed, this would be another first in the history of the game.
The dreaded words appeared: ‘SRTendulkar c Sammy b Rampaul 94’. At little under 140 kmph, this may not be the best ball West Indian pacer Ravi Rampaul might have bowled, but certainly willbe the most memorable for him.