One APF doesn’t make the summer

It is difficult to say if Roshani Bohara is a happy lady or not. Roshani is a cricketer from Baitadi. She must be happy for being named the player-of-the-series during the Women’s National T20 championship. The title came about as she scored 99 runs and claimed six wickets during the tournament. Along with the title, Roshani got richer by Rs 10,000.

She could be a touch sad with the cash award though. Last time the same award for a player in Men’s National T20 championship carried a purse of Rs. 15 thousand. In fact, Roshani’s purse would be considered good, if you take into account the amount title winning team got: all of Rs. 25,000. Compare that to the title winning team in men’s: Rs. 125,000.

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