The issue of Non-Alignment

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai will represent Nepal in the 16th NAM (Non Aligned Movement) summit, in Tehran.

The logical question would be: For What? Especially at a time when calls for his resignation is reaching crescendo, and opposition are venting their anger at any opportune moment, as much as he is spewing venom for them in mass media.

The answer is not-so-difficult to find.

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Diary of the Disappointed!

Kathmandu streets look tired these days. Tired of battering, as the houses have been, or being taken down, in the road expansion drive. Roadside pavements muddied, while some unsuspecting walkers stumble upon the chunks of concrete that has fallen down from the felled buildings.

Tired look the people too, as they try to find their way through little walking space they get, as the pavements are almost covered by the houses that are being brought down. Tired of mundane lives; tired of being yelled at by microbus drivers and conductors; tired of being treated like nobodies; tired of being taken for granted; tired of existence; tired under the weight of their own unfulfilled expectations; and, tired of politics going nowhere.

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A fortnight of lull, or change?

One incident that the world would remember from this fortnight is that the Muslim Brotherhood politician, Mohammed Morsi has been sworn in as Egyptian President. The country’s first civilian, democratically elected president.  A matter of rejoice for the residents of one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.

Earlier, the ruler in Egypt was ‘placed’, even as the country was declared republic in 1953. Whether we talk of General Muhammed Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat or Hosni Mubarak, were all in a way or the other imposed upon Egyptians – no matter which world power they showed their allegiance to.

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Being Babu Ram!


I’ve spent almost 58 years – yet to celebrate my birthday on 18th June this year – trying to explain the world it’s not easy being me. The worst part is, I am not sure if I’m going to celebrate my b’day as PM (what a spectacle it could’ve been). I’ve already signed to make some Congress guy as my successor.

It starts right with the first part of my name, Babu, which translated in English means ‘a kid’. Just imagine me explaining everyone – in the voice that I have – that I’m not a kid anymore, while almost becoming senior citizen. I, a senior leader of UCPN (some mistake it for Union of Confused/Corrupt People of Nepal) Maoist, have to request people to spell both parts of my name, so that it sounds adult (and Godly). How difficult is that?

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