Rupak Memorial Awards: A shot misfired?

All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) awarded 12 of its prized possessions this week. Since it started, Rupak Memorial Awards have held its position in Nepali football. And it would have saddened former national captain and FIFA referee Rupak Sharma – who passedaway in an unfortunate accident – to see that the award was discontinued for some years.
For restarting the awards, ANFAdeserves a pat on its back. Restarting a discontinued event to an organizationis akin to a player trying to force his way back into the game after injury.It’s a mental fight, which gets tougher by every passing day. And ANFA shouldbe lauded. After all, these prizes are what makes the players struggle harder,compete better.
However, much as the restartneeds to be congratulated, it should be critically viewed. There are somechinks in the whole episode that should not be ignored and if not corrected intime, would neither improve ANFA’s image nor its working style. Some questionswould demand answer.

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