An Experiment Called Football

 Nepali football fans have a moment of excitement as the Martyrs Memorial A division league has started in the capital. But just as the excitement builds up with 16 teams playing each other over a period of 3-4 months, some teams and their fans may not be such a happy lot.

When Mitra Milan Club of Dharan and Sangam Club of Pokhara were to play in the National League – bringing in 8 teams from capital and 2 teams from outside, following the A division League – last year, it brought in a lot of hope. It was hailed as an effort of bridging gap between teams from the capital and those from mofussil, which exists for real. But this year, they have been dropped and will not be playing in the championship, owing to their poor showing last year. While it is saddening for those clubs and their fans, it also raises questions in the minds who worry about Nepali football in general.

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In support of the Women

Sport is about excitement. Yet, it is also about monotony. The continuous quest for results and statistics make it boring, at times.

When Nepal faced India in the final of Women’s SAFF Cup 2012, we wanted a break in monotony. Having lost 2 finals to India already – both in 2010, in SAG and SAFF Cup – the fans wanted winner’s cup this time. And Nepali eves almost achieved it, getting the lead in the third minute of the match itself. However, the monotony of the sport prevailed, quashing all the hopes. Nepali women’s team had to be content with the status of runners-up, yet again. The tryst with the title had come after Nepali side scoring 23 goals, and conceding only one.

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An Emotion called Football

Win and loss always evoke emotions. Loss does it more, especially when it is in a sport. As they say, sport is great leveler. It is the win and loss which levels your emotions. The excitement and euphoria of a win is replaced by somberness brought about by a loss. Extremes at times, but bringing us to a plane that’s more realistic.

As if telling us that it’s a life after all. Explaining the philosophy that every life is marked by death, eventually. A birth somewhere is marked by death somewhere else. Said in the adage, “One man’s sorrow is another man’s happiness.” Gender activists may find some problem with the use of word man, but that’s about it. It’s been a man’s world so far, and women have got less mentions (read: credit) at any point.

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Police Club: Diminishing Returns?

When Birat Krishna Shrestha – undoubtedly Nepal’s best football coach, as of now – fields his team (Nepal Police Club) against Dordoi Dynamo at the Group B qualifiers of AFC President’s Cup, there could be a lot in his head.

However unlikely, he would be best suggested to keep out the thought of the outcome of Police Club’s past matches against the Kyrgyz League Champions. For that may cloud his strategy. There are other things that he needs to take care of, most notably the absence of a known striker in the team (Jumanu Rai limped out of the match after playing for hardly 15 minutes in the semi-finals of British Gorkha Cup that the police team eventually won).

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