The God Particle and the People

On July 4, Physicists worldwide were celebrating an experiment that confirmed a particle that was “consistent with” an elusive thing called the Higgs Boson – long hailed as the ‘God Particle’. Apparently, the celebration ensued as the particle is considered very important because it gives matter mass, while it made a ‘brief’ appearance during the experiment for less than a nanosecond before it returned to oblivion (as of now, scientists have not conclusively identified it as the Higgs boson).

The world followed the celebration along with the scientists. And in jest yours truly tweeted, in humor: “Heard they found God particle in some lab… Wonder when Satan particle is found… #Higgs #Boson”

More than a few nanoseconds, or maybe a minute later, there was a reply: “The Satan particle is alive and well in the White House. Obama IMO is the closest thing to Satan we have. #Romney12”. Now the sender of the reply was named ‘PolitixGal’, from California, with 16 thousand followers, and her (?) bio said: Anti-socialist, Anti-statist, Libertarian, Free Market capitalist, and Anti-Obama.

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