On Democracy Day!

Nepal is a strange country, if you look at it from outside. Any country celebrating more than half a dozen New Years and a few Democracy Days definitely qualifies as being, at least strange. Remember? We had a Democracy Day in Falgun 7 (late Feb). And now, we have another one.

Today is the sixth Democracy Day (nepali nomenclature has it termed as Loktantra Diwas). Officially so! The day brings a lot of emotions to people like yours truly. The day People’s Movement of 2006 became successful. Half a dozen years ago!

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The Royal story: A decade and counting…

The story begins in 2001…
The Information:
Yours truly got a call just a couple of hours after midnight from a friend. You never feel good getting a call before dawn, unless you’re in your prime teenage. The phone ring is always eerie (mobile phones were not in the range of entry-level job holders then), if you’ve just hit the best part of the sleep. And it was a male friend. Nothing friendly about the call, no greetings exchanged. A shock: “Did you hear about what happened at the palace?” Now you don’t expect a Royal palace to be a topic of ice breaker, that too, at such a time.
That’s enough to dispel thoughts about your friend being lunatic, because he’s a fellow journalist. Journalism is a serious business. A year into journalism – that too in the country’s best read English daily – makes you feel that you have to be an expert on whatever happens in the known universe (although I was primarily supposed to be know-all in Sports). The news was sketchy and we did not really figure out at the moment that we were talking of a massacre. The sleep, that had started only a few hours ago was nowhere in sight. After all, it was an issue about the Royals. And then you think, you were near the place of incident (Thamel), only a few hours ago. “How did I miss something then?”, a question makes rounds in your head. No answers.