Messi and Ronaldo on a microbus

What’re the odds of you getting into a public transport and finding someone wearing exactly the same clothes that you are? That too in a microbus of Kathmandu? Not much! However, the chances increase during the World Cup. And so it happened. Yours truly got in a microbus – a public transport vehicle that is … Read moreMessi and Ronaldo on a microbus

Learning on Buddha Purnima

Sometimes you feel like asking, ‘What’s worse than working on a holiday?’ And your experience tells you, ‘It’s starting your work early on a holiday.’ While the rest of your neighborhood is busy having a second round of morning tea and planning for an elaborate lunch, you’re thinking, ‘Damn, I’m late, again!’ And the day … Read moreLearning on Buddha Purnima

Nagarkot Trip

One of my unwritten resolutions this year and for past few years has been, to write. And write as regularly as I can. It would be too much to ask to write everyday on these columns, from a person labeled as ‘Your Laziness’ by some people who know Yours Truly closely.

But sometimes, you beat yourself and expectations you have from yourself.

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