Olympic Dreams

In the week gone by, Janet Evans swam 400 meters freestyle in 4 minutes, 21.49 seconds. Not a mean feat this, if you consider that Janet is 40 years old.

But if you realize that this 40-year-old is winner of four Olympic gold medals and her best timing is 19 seconds faster than this, the present timing does not even deserve mention. Yes we are talking about the queen of pool in the late 80s and early 90s and holder of World Record in both 400 and 800 meters freestyle, Janet Evans. Such was her dominance that her 400m freestyle world record stood for 18 years before it was beaten in 2006. Her 800m freestyle record was bettered after 19 years at the 2008 Games.

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Opportunities waiting, will we cash?

Just a few days before we enjoyed the high-voltage drama for extension of Constituent Assembly tenure on most national TV channels, we ignored a small matter of one A division Football Club’s plight of not finding sponsors. Needless to say, the club was not from the valley that is hub to everything that matters in the country, be it political frictions, sporting actions or financial transactions.

The plight of the club went mostly unheeded, except for a few sympathetic journos, who got a few more bylines in print. Interestingly, this is not the only club that is facing financial crunch. With the football season at full swing, most clubs are facing the heat, as expenses are rising and incomes fall short. We knew its possibility, but failed take action on time. An opportunity missed.

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