Letter to Upendraman Singh

Dear Upendra,

I am sure you are in a repent mode now, as your latest press statement, as the President of Madhyapur Youth Association has hinted. Yet, you must remember that you gave us a moment we can perhaps never forget as football fans – for all the wrong reasons.

I am sure football fans like me would want to remember you for the feats you’ve achieved being Nepal’s premier custodian for long. Added to that has been your achievements as a coach of Himalayan Sherpa and assistant coach of Nepal, for which you’ve drawn accolades already.

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Why Madhyapur makes me sad?

Madhyapur Youth Association is in the relegation zone, in the Sahid Smarak A Division League. And in all probability – unless something miraculous happens – this team will see themselves playing B Division football very soon.

Despite my belief that competition in any sport, at any level, should be top notch, I would be sad to see Madhyapur’s exit. For Madhyapur, given its brand of football, was one bright aspect of this season’s football. This is one team that made A Division competitions richer by ascending to the top league.  This is one team that needed to stay in the league, for the game benefitted due to its presence there.

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