Diamonds are Forever!

Sports writers often discuss over how to measure greatness of players. One way, some suggest, is the number of records they set. Some say, it is the longevity, while some stress on the sheer dominance they exert while on the field.

Fulfilling one of these may make you extraordinary. But, what remains elusive is that one method, one yardstick to measure greatness, or genius in sport. However, there are some players scattered in the history of sports that ranked up equally well, in all these criteria.

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National Games: Opportunity, despite Challenges

The news of National SportsCouncil (NSC) proposing to organize National Games in the first quarter ofcoming year must have brought back butterflies in the abdomen of the numerous athletes.This normally happens, even to the top players; just before they are take on anopponent in a match. Not necessarily a sign of nervousness, but the stress ofapproaching duel. Stress, by itself, is not bad.
Seven months away it is, yet someof the players must already be licking their lips at a chance of another roundof competitions. For if they’re not, they’re not worthy of being the athleteswe would be proud of. An athlete, like a warrior, should welcome anyopportunity of a round of duel.

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