An Experiment Called Football

 Nepali football fans have a moment of excitement as the Martyrs Memorial A division league has started in the capital. But just as the excitement builds up with 16 teams playing each other over a period of 3-4 months, some teams and their fans may not be such a happy lot.

When Mitra Milan Club of Dharan and Sangam Club of Pokhara were to play in the National League – bringing in 8 teams from capital and 2 teams from outside, following the A division League – last year, it brought in a lot of hope. It was hailed as an effort of bridging gap between teams from the capital and those from mofussil, which exists for real. But this year, they have been dropped and will not be playing in the championship, owing to their poor showing last year. While it is saddening for those clubs and their fans, it also raises questions in the minds who worry about Nepali football in general.

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