Women’s Cricket: Preparing for Future?

Biratnagar seems to be stamping its authority on youth cricket. That is what looks like, with the region’s title win at the Women’s U-19 National Cricket Championship, following the boys’ win at similar championship a few months earlier.

It appears as if things are on the right track for the region that has given as many as 7 players in the men’s national squad (among 14) in 2002. The region that has won 4 back to back national championships seems to be back to producing quality cricketers again.

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Nepali Football: Flight of Fancy and Lack of Focus

If you are out of Nepal and interested in football, there are chances you would be happy with the news that came in recently. That, the football governing body, ANFA is about to go abroad to scout players.

The football governing body announced that it is in process to find Nepali football talent that resides outside the political boundaries. For that, a team including Coach Jack Stefanowski and his assistant Richard Orloski are to travel around, to countries like Australia, UK, US and find out the standard of ‘Nepali’ players there. The idea is, if anybody who is under the law of the land, eligible to play for Nepal and has good skills, rope him in.

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Why I Hate IPL

The dark side of cricket has shown its face. Again… Just when we had forgotten that it existed. Just as we reveled in how much glory and money a sport can bring – through masala version of the game – we had forgotten that betting existed. And so did match fixing. Oops, it’s called ‘spot fixing’ now.

A few cricketers, including once India’s fast bowling hope Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, were nabbed by police when they were with ‘arranged’ women – allegedly supplied by bookies who offered them money to perform according to their wishes in an official IPL (Indian Premier League) match – for spot fixing. A sad day for cricket enthusiasts, no matter what nationality you have…

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पुबुदु इफेक्ट

नेपाल वर्ल्ड क्रिकेट लिग डिभिजन थ्रीको विजेता बनेर घर र्फकदा, एयरपोर्टमा करीब १००-१५० को भीड आफ्ना खेलाडिहरुको स्वागतार्थ भेला थिए । स्वाभाविक कुरो, आफ्नो हिरोहरुलाइ हौसला दिने प्रशंसकको कर्तव्य नै हो ।

विभिन्न नाराको बीच एउटाले आवाज लगाए, “पुबुदु दासानायकेǃ” भीड समवेत स्वरमा चिच्यायो, “जिन्दाबादǃ”

नेपाली क्रिकेटका हेड कोच पुबुदु छुट्टीमा गएकाले टीमसँग नेपाल फर्किएनन् नत्र यो नाराले उनी प्रफुल्लित हुन्थे होलान् । खेलाडिसँगै प्रशिक्षकको जयजयकार कमै देखिन्छ । तर यो नारा उनको नेपाली क्रिकेटमा गरेको योगदानको प्रशंसाको रुपमा लिन सकिन्छ ।

प्रश्न उठ्छः क्रिकेटमा कोचको के महत्व हुन्छ?

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The Road Ahead

Most of the few hundred cricket fans that came in to rejoice Team Nepal‘s homecoming at the Tribhuvan International airport – after World Cricket League Division 3 title – would remember the Cup brought in by Nepal skipper Paras Khadka for their life.

For, that is the best silverware Nepal has ever seen. For, that title is the reason Nepal is closer to the World Cup than it has ever been, in its history. For, that title gave Nepal some excitement during the time of political turmoil and utter depression.

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विश्वकप होइन वान डे

आधा शताब्दी अघि, यसै साता (श्रम दिवसका दिन), बेलायतका दुइ काउन्टी लंकाशायर र लिसेस्टरशायर बीचको खेल हुदा शायदै कसैले सोचेका होलान् यो प्रतियोगिताले क्रिकेटको भविष्य ने बदलिनेछ ।

प्रतियोगिता थियो जिलेट कप, जसलाइ अहिले पनि पहिलो लिमिटेड ओभर (एक दिवसीय) प्रतियोगिता मानिन्छ । हुन त वर्षाले गर्दा खेल दुइ दिन चल्यो, तैपनि यो क्रिकेटको लागि कोशेढुंगा साबित भयो । यो भन्दा अघि क्रिकेट म्याचमा प्रत्येक टीम दुइ इनिङ्ग खेल्ने गर्थे र कुनै पक्षले खेल्ने ओभरको संख्यामा सीमा तोकिएको थिएन । तर कमैलाइ मात्र थाहा होला, वास्तवमा एक दिवसीय क्रिकेटको वास्तविक आरम्भ एक वर्षअघि नै भएको थियो, २ मे, १९६२ मा, लिसेस्टरशायर र र्डर्बीशायर बीच, मिडल्याण्ड्स नक आउट कपको नाम बाट ।

क्रिकेटको यो नयाँ स्वरुपको जन्मसंगै एउटा विवाद पनि जन्मियो, एक दिवसीयले क्रिकेटको पुरानो स्वरुप, टेष्ट म्याचलाइ नै नष्ट पार्ने त्रासको । स्वाभाविक रुपले प्रारम्भदेखि नै पुरातनपनथीहरुले एक दिवसीयलाइ मन पराएनन् । तर विवादले लामो समयसम्म स्वाभाविक विकास रोक्न सक्दैन । क्रिकेट कसरी अपवाद हुन सक्थ्यो । टेष्ट क्रिकेट चलिरह्यो एक दिवसीयको आगमन पछि पनि ।

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Planning called Cricket

Cricket, despite being a non-contact sport, is also about fear. The fear of losing not counted as the main reason behind this.

One of the best sights in cricket is watching a fast bowler steaming in and hurling a ball as fast as he can, uprooting the stumps and letting the bails fly all over. Not only does it create a good sight, but it also sets in panic among the batsmen that have to come to the crease, after the fall of wicket. The fear it creates tantalizes the crowd, excites the fielders and ignites the TRP ratings.

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Where to, Nepali Football?

Nepali football sector must be a shocked lot these days. The reason: Crisis in New Road Team (NRT). The news of NRT being in financial crisis has jolted all who thought Nepali football is prospering.

You would have thought Nepali football is headed in right direction, after learning that Three Star Club bagged Rs 7.5 million for winning Shahid Smarak A Division League, Sagar Thapa pocketed an apartment for being the best player (by ANFA) and Sandip Rai drove a car home, for winning the Ncell best player of the year.

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Memories of ’69

As a year draws to an end, you’re often asked, “What was the best moment for you this year?”

A Nepali is asked this question twice, every year. Once when the Common Era (CE or AD) comes to an end, and another when the official Nepal Calendar (BS) comes to a close. Based on your experience, you can be termed fortunate – for being able to relive two great moments every year – or unfortunate – if you can’t recollect the moments that can be called great.

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And the award goes to… the crowd!

Nepal finished as the second best team in ACC T20 Cup, amid a gripping fever that saw almost everyone on Nepali cyberspace (social media and alike) talking about the game. The runners-up medal came for Nepal, despite some outstanding and memorable performances during the tournament.

There were several moments for Nepali cricket fans to savour, be it Paras Khadka’s ‘leading from the front’ swagger on the field, or Sharad Veswakar’s ‘coming-of-age’ attacking batsmanship, or Prithu Baskota’s ‘match-turning’ bowling against UAE (semi-final). But, if I were told to remember one scene from the entire tourney, it would be the moment that Nepal lost the Cup.

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Where is it heading, Mr. Skipper?

The start of ACC T20 Cup could not have been on a more appropriate day than Holi, the festival of colours. There is something about colours and T20 format of cricket that blends so well. For, this version is about freedom, audacity, and gay abandon that other version rarely provide.

However, one colour was missing in the festivities. That of the sponsors’ logo from the jersey of Nepali cricketers. Nepali players had intentionally blacked out (read: covered with a tape) the sponsors logo from the apparel they had been provided to play for the country.

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The Home Jinx or Bad preparation?

Nepal has failed to move beyond the first round of AFC Challenge Cup. To be fair to the players in the present team, it should be added that the team hasn’t moved beyond first round, whenever it has played on the home soil.

Is it jinx? Or is it the effect of double edged sword called home crowd? Maybe, neither… Maybe it is the preparation the team has had, both times. Maybe it is lack of realization on our part that world football is dynamic and we are stagnant. Maybe it is a time we realize we haven’t won any international title in past two decades.

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