Everyday road nightmares

If you’re asked, What is the densest material on earth, what would be your answer? Most having an inclination towards Science would be tempted to say: Chengdeite (a naturally occurring mineral, a combination of iridium and iron.) That’s exactly where yours truly doesn’t like to go with those who believe in science and science only. … Read moreEveryday road nightmares

Why I Hate IPL

The dark side of cricket has shown its face. Again… Just when we had forgotten that it existed. Just as we reveled in how much glory and money a sport can bring – through masala version of the game – we had forgotten that betting existed. And so did match fixing. Oops, it’s called ‘spot fixing’ now.

A few cricketers, including once India’s fast bowling hope Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, were nabbed by police when they were with ‘arranged’ women – allegedly supplied by bookies who offered them money to perform according to their wishes in an official IPL (Indian Premier League) match – for spot fixing. A sad day for cricket enthusiasts, no matter what nationality you have…

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Letter to Upendraman Singh

Dear Upendra,

I am sure you are in a repent mode now, as your latest press statement, as the President of Madhyapur Youth Association has hinted. Yet, you must remember that you gave us a moment we can perhaps never forget as football fans – for all the wrong reasons.

I am sure football fans like me would want to remember you for the feats you’ve achieved being Nepal’s premier custodian for long. Added to that has been your achievements as a coach of Himalayan Sherpa and assistant coach of Nepal, for which you’ve drawn accolades already.

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Why Madhyapur makes me sad?

Madhyapur Youth Association is in the relegation zone, in the Sahid Smarak A Division League. And in all probability – unless something miraculous happens – this team will see themselves playing B Division football very soon.

Despite my belief that competition in any sport, at any level, should be top notch, I would be sad to see Madhyapur’s exit. For Madhyapur, given its brand of football, was one bright aspect of this season’s football. This is one team that made A Division competitions richer by ascending to the top league.  This is one team that needed to stay in the league, for the game benefitted due to its presence there.

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Nepali Football: Responsible Clubs?

An interesting bit of statistic to start with. The top team of this year’s Sahid Smarak A Division League will be richer by 7.5 million rupees. That is a whopping increase of cash from last season, where the amount was 2 million rupees for Sahid Smarak champions (4.5 million if you add the title winners of National League).

Each team participating in this year’s league has been given Rs 300,000 by ANFA, football’s governing body in the country, as preparation money. It is a customary practice, to bring the teams playing at the highest level, on an equal plane. Nothing wrong with that…

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One APF doesn’t make the summer

It is difficult to say if Roshani Bohara is a happy lady or not. Roshani is a cricketer from Baitadi. She must be happy for being named the player-of-the-series during the Women’s National T20 championship. The title came about as she scored 99 runs and claimed six wickets during the tournament. Along with the title, Roshani got richer by Rs 10,000.

She could be a touch sad with the cash award though. Last time the same award for a player in Men’s National T20 championship carried a purse of Rs. 15 thousand. In fact, Roshani’s purse would be considered good, if you take into account the amount title winning team got: all of Rs. 25,000. Compare that to the title winning team in men’s: Rs. 125,000.

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Diary of the Disappointed!

Kathmandu streets look tired these days. Tired of battering, as the houses have been, or being taken down, in the road expansion drive. Roadside pavements muddied, while some unsuspecting walkers stumble upon the chunks of concrete that has fallen down from the felled buildings.

Tired look the people too, as they try to find their way through little walking space they get, as the pavements are almost covered by the houses that are being brought down. Tired of mundane lives; tired of being yelled at by microbus drivers and conductors; tired of being treated like nobodies; tired of being taken for granted; tired of existence; tired under the weight of their own unfulfilled expectations; and, tired of politics going nowhere.

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Giant Killers: Time to Step Up

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

A lot has happened in cricket since Nepal pipped South Africa to enter the Super League at the U-19 World Cup, in their first appearance at the event, in 2000. This was the first, and so far only, incident of an associate member of ICC entering the Super League stage at the Youth World Cup.

It’s a different issue that South Africa were one of the favourites and were unlucky to be eliminated after three no-results gave them just three points. Nepal, with four points due to one no-result against South Africa and a win over Kenya, went through to the Super League. After all, Nepali players did not create the format of the championship and did not choose their opponents either.

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Rajesh Khanna: Romancing forever

मौत तू एक कविता है

मुझसे एक कविता का वादा है, मिलेगी मुझको

It’s amazing that the lines were uttered on the silver screen by Bollywood’s biggest star ever, in front of the one who held the reins then.

Yes we are talking of Amitabh Bachchan saying those, rather coyly, in front of smiling Rajesh Khanna, who looked rather confident. Little did we know then that the champion was in front of the contender. The contender, who’d later go on to become a champion.

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Police Club: Diminishing Returns?

When Birat Krishna Shrestha – undoubtedly Nepal’s best football coach, as of now – fields his team (Nepal Police Club) against Dordoi Dynamo at the Group B qualifiers of AFC President’s Cup, there could be a lot in his head.

However unlikely, he would be best suggested to keep out the thought of the outcome of Police Club’s past matches against the Kyrgyz League Champions. For that may cloud his strategy. There are other things that he needs to take care of, most notably the absence of a known striker in the team (Jumanu Rai limped out of the match after playing for hardly 15 minutes in the semi-finals of British Gorkha Cup that the police team eventually won).

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A Cause to Worry?


The word is enough to startle you, especially when it’s loud enough and you’re not expecting to meet anyone, walking through the capital’s streets. Your eyes are on the pavement that you’re walking and suddenly you lift your head. It was a stranger, not even remotely close to anyone I’ve seen or met.

In a matter of split second, I realized that he was not calling me, and had stopped another passer-by. But then, as I passed by, I happened to be close enough to hear what they were speaking.

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Have a start, got to score…

End of the year is always a time for stock taking. What weachieved in the year; Where we failed; How much could have been done and Howmuch is left.
But it’s also a time to think, what we could do more. As ayear ends, another one begins. That’s the beauty of time. That’s the beauty ofsport. After every year, another one has to follow. After every match, despitefailures, another is always in waiting. Life goes on.