A fortnight of lull, or change?

One incident that the world would remember from this fortnight is that the Muslim Brotherhood politician, Mohammed Morsi has been sworn in as Egyptian President. The country’s first civilian, democratically elected president.  A matter of rejoice for the residents of one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.

Earlier, the ruler in Egypt was ‘placed’, even as the country was declared republic in 1953. Whether we talk of General Muhammed Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat or Hosni Mubarak, were all in a way or the other imposed upon Egyptians – no matter which world power they showed their allegiance to.

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Thank you Mr. President!

Sportspeople must be a happy lot this week. For once, they were an agenda at the President’s table. Even if it was for one day, they were made the VIPs at the Presidential Palace.
Awards are what the sportsmen live for, more so, in a country like ours. When the livelihood through sports is not forthcoming, the awards, medals and the cups help them to get over the difficult days.
And when President Ram Baran Yadav met them and patted their backs for receiving the Pulsar Sports Award 2066, their heart must have taken one more leap. The first ever President of the country told them that he was ‘touched’ by the players´ feat of waving the national flag at the international level.
For that, Thank you Mr. President. For you have ‘touched’ many hearts, of the thousands who want to fill up every arena, just with the thoughts that their heroes are taking to the field. The recognition of their heroes means a lot to them.