‘Kidnapping’ the Game!

It’s not been long since FIFA President Joseph Blatter termed Nepali footballers being ‘as good as Barcelona’ players. You could debate, whether FIFA President had seen enough of Nepali football to be in a position to comment, or was in a hyperbole mode, or was just trying to please the hosts of AFC Challenge Cup 2012. One thing for sure is that he definitely wanted football taking centerstage in the country. A country that hasn’t seen much positivity in past decade or so…

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Hail Blatter (and ANFA)!

Sometime in the evening of International Women’s Day 2012, FIFA President, Joseph S Blatter wrote a message on internet microblogging site, Twitter, “Just opened AFC Challenge Cup match between Nepal and Palestine. Historic encounter, shows the power of football.”

Truly, it was a historic moment. For Nepal was hosting FIFA President first time in about 3 decades, and the highest level of tournament it has played so far.

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