Planning called Cricket

Cricket, despite being a non-contact sport, is also about fear. The fear of losing not counted as the main reason behind this.

One of the best sights in cricket is watching a fast bowler steaming in and hurling a ball as fast as he can, uprooting the stumps and letting the bails fly all over. Not only does it create a good sight, but it also sets in panic among the batsmen that have to come to the crease, after the fall of wicket. The fear it creates tantalizes the crowd, excites the fielders and ignites the TRP ratings.

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Ghosts of the Past

It is strange how the ghosts of past keep coming back to haunt you. More so, in sports, as it deals with statistics – again, of the past…

By all means Malaysia has been a happy hunting ground for Nepali cricket – after the home ground – having won two titles at age group level cricket. The first of them came at the ACC U-15 Two Day, when Nepal won the title under Prithu Baskota’s captaincy, in 2006.

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Celebrating Shakti

Nepali cricket fans had a lot to cheer when Shakti Gauchan was named, along with captain Paras Khadka, in the Best XI of ICC World T20 qualifiers. Now that unorganized group is creating a lot of noise – especially on the internet – as Shakti Gauchan was called by one of the franchises of India’s huge money churning T20 cricket circus called Indian Premier League (IPL).

The story unfolded like this: Earlier in the week, an official from the IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals, Romi Bhinder, wrote a mail to Nepal coach Pubudu Dassanayake. “I would be heading to Jaipur tomorrow and I was thinking of involving your left arm spinner Gauchan for practice sessions in Jaipur.” The effect of that mail created an unprecedented buzz in Nepali cricket.

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The Shakti of Nepali cricket

George Bernard Shaw, most probably, would not feature in the ‘best writer’ in the ‘favorites’ category list of many a cricket lover, for he is believed to have said once, “Cricket is a game where eleven fools play and eleven thousand greater fools watch…” Many, for the same quote, felt that he missed the point, … Read moreThe Shakti of Nepali cricket