The Road Ahead

Most of the few hundred cricket fans that came in to rejoice Team Nepal‘s homecoming at the Tribhuvan International airport – after World Cricket League Division 3 title – would remember the Cup brought in by Nepal skipper Paras Khadka for their life.

For, that is the best silverware Nepal has ever seen. For, that title is the reason Nepal is closer to the World Cup than it has ever been, in its history. For, that title gave Nepal some excitement during the time of political turmoil and utter depression.

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How Times Change…

Circa 2002: ICC Under-19 World Cup Plate Final – Nepal Vs Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe won by 137 runs. In a chase to score 248 runs, Nepal team managed a paltry 110. Failure at the end of the tournament… Yet, mission accomplished…

It might sound buffoonery to term defeat as completion of a mission. Yet, we knew that Nepali team did not go to the tournament aiming for silverware. It is difficult to imagine how much ICC Under-19 World Cup 2002 meant for Nepal Cricket, unless you’re a cricket fanatic, who followed Nepali cricket for past one and half decade.

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Memories of ’69

As a year draws to an end, you’re often asked, “What was the best moment for you this year?”

A Nepali is asked this question twice, every year. Once when the Common Era (CE or AD) comes to an end, and another when the official Nepal Calendar (BS) comes to a close. Based on your experience, you can be termed fortunate – for being able to relive two great moments every year – or unfortunate – if you can’t recollect the moments that can be called great.

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