Of Departure and Arrival

“I reallyrespected him” – This remark may neither raise eyebrows nor would itregister very strongly on anyone’s mind. But if you know that it was SachinTendulkar making such a remark, you would stick to the word ‘really’ and startadmiring the person, whoever the great batsman is referring to.
Tendulkar wasreferring to Former Indian captain MansoorAli Khan Pataudi, who passed away on 22nd of September 2011. Itwould be interesting to know that Tendulkar was barely a 2-year old whenPataudi played his last International match. It needs sheer genius in a personto earn respect, in the heart of a cricketer who started playing seriouscricket, a decade after he had retired.
Most of us, who have grown in the constant shower of cricket, justbecause we are close to India, have heard of him. Hardly a few have seen himplay. Yet we know of him. Probably, among the cricketers who played before thetelevision era, he was the only icon that we knew, with the exception of Sir DonBradman and Great Garry Sobers. Not many can boast to have such a longshelf-life after retiring, something most sportsmen would envy.

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